TableAir Eagle's Nest

TableAir Eagle's Nest


Sometimes it's hard to make the right impression. Even the massive Grand Piano in the lobby doesn't make it. It's one thing to impress, a whole other level to change the pace of the game midway negotiation. Be unpredictable while maintaining the grandeur.


TableAir Eagle's Nest is a small-medium sized conference room desk which incorporates all the latest wood shaping techniques. The size and color can be customized based on your demands.


It's by far the most complex and impressive piece of furniture we have ever made. Intricate forms and shapes boil down to a minimalistic and functional trophy which will continue to impress and inspire your partners, clients and team memebers. It was designed for a highly competitive leader who makes no compromises when it comes to the level of quality standards. No doubt this beautiful semi-matte oak surface will become a place for both, business and pleasure.


TableAir Eagle's Nest comes fully assembled, while glove delivery.

See the video how to change LED color- video

See how to control the desk with the Smart Button - video 


For custom orders, please reach out to



W 250 cm x D 100 cm
W 98.42 in x D 39.37 in



Minimum 71 cm / 27.9 in
Maximum 127 cm / 50 in



The table weights 180 kg  and is packed in a single box on single Euro pallet. 

You have 90 days to return a table if you're not satisfied. Please note that we may request for you to email/send pictures of damaged or defective merchandise. To return the TableAir, please contact us at In some cases return and/or exchange delivery fees may apply. 


    Make a decision and switch the height of your desk in the most intuitive and impressive way invented, to this day.


    HDMIs, Ethernets, USBs... it's all there, all hidden, all in one place.

  • APP

    There're few things in this world we're 100% certain. One of those – standing more is, definitely, a good thing. Let TableAir assist you with forming one of your new habits. Gentle reminders will keep you on track with having more movement in your life.


    Dark Oak veneer, sourced from the harshest Scandinavian terrains turns Eagle's Nest into an impenetrable fortress.


    Conservative audiance? LEDs OFF. Need an element of suprise? LEDs ON.


    Elegantly fused-in LED lights are no match in changing the tempo of your game. Once in your nest, tune in some fuzzy sounds, dim the lights and get your favorite pastel color out. Call it a day.


    Light can be set to exact desired color via TableAir app as well.


    No high-performing environment can settle for less than what it deserves – that's why we engineered a completely novel way of hiding the mechanotrics which power the heavy lifting collumns. Smooth, quiet and elegant.


    Elegant shapes and forms have been achieved by our experienced craftsmans. Every piece is different, every piece is unique and yours to take care off.