TableAir Classic 1.5

TableAir Classic 1.5


Would you prefer scandinavian chic or modern minimalism? We got you covered on both. Choose between TableAir Glossy and TableAir American Cherry/Dark Walnut natural wood veneers to match your own sense of taste!


TableAir Classic is our flagship model, featuring two key design features. LEDs integrated into tabletop will serve you as a tool to be playful, to get into the mood during late hours or simply to cheer your day up.


Design mechanics behind the Smart Button is what we believe to become a future standard for how height-controled furniture as well as other appliances should be interacted with. One click, point the palm, and the desk goes up. Press, hold, and it goes down. Double tap, change the LEDs and set the ambient mood. Too lazy or busy to put effort to remind yourself to stand up? Pair with your phone or smart watch and let the standing coach gradually and softly nudge into developing a habit of standing more!


TableAir Classic 1.5 comes flat packed and offers a tolless assembly - video

See the video how to change LED color- video

See how to control the desk with the Smart Button - video 



W 150 cm x D 75 cm
W 59.05 in x D 29.52 in



Minimum 63 cm / 24.8 in
Maximum 127 cm / 50 in



The table weights 60 kg / 132 lbs and is packed in a single box on single Euro pallet. 

You have 90 days to return a table if you're not satisfied. Please note that we may request for you to email/send pictures of damaged or defective merchandise.To return the TableAir, please contact us at In some cases return and/or exchange delivery fees may apply. 


    The most natural and playful way of indicating the height made possible with our Smart Button. It senses the distance to your hand and lifts TableAir to match the height.


    We made sure you won't have to use too many wires. You can place an extension cord and connect as many devices as you want. All with as little clutter as possible.

  • APP

    When you're working you tend to forget to adjust the height. Not anymore! Our iPhone or Android app will notify you when it's time to sit or stand. It also allows you track your standing progress and control LED lights. Let the gamifying experience change your habits!


    Made from durable and robust MDF material, TableAir White Glossy and TableAir Black Glossy features a beautiful reflective look.


    TableAir Classic 1.5 American Cherry and Dark Walnut models feature a more resistant veneer made out of highest quality wood.


    Our highest quality LED lights can be changed by a sway of the hand to match your mood or interior. Due the custom ambient LED light, TableAir becomes the focal point of any interior.

    Light can be set to exact desired color via TableAir app as well.


    TableAir Classic 1.5 features a powerful lifting columns and robust tabletop construction that makes using this table a seamless and smooth experience.


    Less cables, less clutter, less distractions, more efficiency, more productivity!

  • HOOK

    A handy accessory for things you travel with throughout your day.


    We've put a small indent underneath the desk, to make movement on your swivel char around this desk as easy as possible. All other functions of the desk, like the Smart Button and cable charging are all outlined to make the work experience a pleasent one.