Healthy is Sexy

It's all about balance...

How do you balance your sexiness and healthiness?

When it comes to your workplace, let us take care of both

Sometimes, it's about standing...


  • Starting with sourcing wood veneers and all the way up to electronics, we made sure – you workspace will make the right impression

  • Match your impeccable style with an impeccable design

But in the end, it all connects

Whether it's your new habit or your current mood,

leverage your workspace to express it all!

  • Use our App's Standing Program to form a habit of dynamic sitting

  • Change your workstation's height & LED lights

TableAir Classic 1.5


Why choose sides when you can have both?

Customization options on company orders are available. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

One Smart Button to rule them all
  1. Click and hold Smart Button and the desk will start lowering itself, release upon desired height.

  2. Click the Smart Button once and put your hand above it - it will scan the distance to your hand for a few seconds and will start moving up to match the height. You can move your hand away once it starts moving.

  3. Select LED light by clicking the Smart Button two times and moving your hand up and down, then stop at the desired color.

  4. To turn off the LED light click the Smart Button three times, when its off and you want to activate last color, click the Smart Button three times again.

  5. To indicate the desk is on - it's always glowing green, to change the intensity of the color click the Smart Button 4 times and move your hand above it up and down.  Release upon desired brightness.

  6. To change the intensity of the LED lighting click the Smart Button 5 times, move your hande above it up and down. Release upon desired brightness. 




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