Mastering the art of premium sit-stand desks.

Designing and crafting the ultimate standing experience.
Place where you spend most of your wake time - a desk, can be more. Standing experience, be it at home or at the office, lacks interactivity and attention to details.
TableAir is embodiment of how office of tomorrow looks and feels. It's engaging, fun, high quality and it helps to elevate work experience into the next level. You stumbled across a right place if you're looking for something more than a mediocre standing desk. 

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TableAir Classic

Healthy is Sexy. It all started with the Classic in 2014. We're still damn proud of it, have a peek at what it stands for.

All about the details

Each TableAir desk is hand crafted with love and attention, sourcing highest quality wood and other materials. Check out the assembly, watch video here.

Learn all the desk differences here

For executive offices
Smart Button

The most natural and playful way of indicating the height made possible with our Smart Button. It senses the distance to your hand and lifts TableAir to match the height.

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When you're working you tend to forget to change between sitting and standing.


Not anymore! Our iPhone or Android app will notify you when it's time to sit or stand. It also allows you to track your standing progress and control LED lights. Let the gamifying experience change your habits!

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LED Lighting

Enable LED animations via the App to give your environment a dynamic look. Turn on red color to let everyone know you shall not be disturbed. Select a country flag to greet visitors from other countries. 

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We know how hard it's to keep up... Always on the go, always low on juice! An integrated wireless charger to keep smart devices up for performance.


Excessive cords, cables and clutter, clutter, clutter... Can't stand it! Hide it all. Also, some say it's bad luck to have your bags laying around on the floor.

TableAir Eagle's Nest

Healthy is Primal. Want extra real estate on your desk for carafe? Large TableAir Eagle's Nest - will accommodate up to 6 people for a meeting. Or it can also be used for only your own needs.